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Forgive us, even though this is the day after the NFL draft, our minds and attention have been focused squarely on the Washington Capitals, who are fully engaged in a playoff battle with the New York Rangers. Tomorrow we’ll gladly dive in and get started on the newest Redskins players, but in the meantime, we’d like to encourage folks to take a look back at the series of interviews we did last week heading into the draft.

Here’s who shared their perspective and a small sample of their answers:

Redskins blogger Matt Terl

If everything fell into place for the Redskins front office, which player do they end up with and what draft spot do they take him from?

Eben Britton at pick 20 after trading back with the Lions to get an extra pick or two.

Washington Times beat writer Ryan O’Halloran

Who would be the riskiest pick at 13?

A trade into the top 10 that nets them USC quarterback Mark Sanchez. It would probably cost the Redskins their 2010 first-rounder and I always hate when a team deals a future first-rounder and the return isn’t a veteran player. And Sanchez has started for only one year. How long will it take for him to get ready? Can he be a franchise passer?

Washington Examiner beat writer John Keim

Who would be the safest pick at 13?

The safest pick is probably Brian Cushing. He will be there. And those I’ve talked to rate him as the best of the three USC linebackers. He plays a position of need and he fits what they want in an strong-side linebacker.

Redskins broadcaster Larry Michael

Can you give us two or three players who don’t play quarterback who the ‘Skins could possibly be interested in?

I’ve been talking about Brian Orakpo quite a bit. Not only is he a good player and was one of the stars of the combine, but he plays a position of need for the Redskins. A guy like Aaron Maybin is a good player and could step in right away. I’ve liked Rey Maualuga from the very beginning of this whole process when I first watched tape of him. He just plays with such passion. I don’t think you could go wrong with a guy like that either. I’m not Mel Kiper, but that’s my personal opinion.

Former Redskins safety Matt Bowen

Assuming the Redskins can’t trade out of the 13th pick, who would be the smartest pick at that spot?

Let’s say all those guys are gone and you can’t get one of the tackles. One thing you’ve got to understand about that team is they’re going to pick a guy that everyone knows. That’s just how it works out there.

They’re going to pick a guy who has had a lot of media attention. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them take a guy like Brian Orakpo from Texas. They also need an upgrade on the defensive line and need some pass rushers.

I’m still convinced that the way you build a football team is up front – with your offensive line and your defensive line. Skill players, they sell tickets, but to get wins in this league you have to protect your quarterback and sack the opposing quarterback.

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