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Today is an exciting day for sports fans in our nation’s capital. Not only do we get to enjoy the Washington Redskins taking on the Pittsburgh Steelers on Monday Night Football, but we’ll get to know which presidential candidate will win the election 24 hours early. While that’ll make for must-see TV tonight, it doesn’t really help folks get through another boring Monday now. That’s why we’re here.

First of all, thanks for helping make last week a record-setting week for Homer McFanboy. Maybe it was our in-depth look at running back Clinton Portis. Or our widely-popular ‘ask a cheerleader‘ feature (and don’t forget part two, three and four). Or maybe it was our photo of linebacker London Fletcher’s unique pregame ritual. Whatever the reason, our website had it’s best week, in terms of hits, in our six-month history. We know there are many ways to blow off work, so thanks for wasting some of your time with us.

Which brings us to our big news of the day – we’ve officially opened the Homer McFanboy Store (just in time for the holidays!) We currently offer six t-shirts, including the fan-favorite “Predator” t-shirt pictured above. We’ve also got hockey and basketball themed t-shirts as well, so take a look and let us know what you think of the new merch. And here’s the best part – if you buy a shirt, send us a photo of you wearing it (or better yet, a photo of a hot chick wearing it) and we’ll post it online. You’ll be e-famous and we’ll be able to pay the sweatshop for all their hard work. That’s what we in the business call a win-win.

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