to name a predator

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With the way things have gone here at Homer McFanboy over the last couple weeks I was worried we were heading into high school gossip territory. Even though we weren’t saying anything negative, we’ve been sitting here talking about a certain player behind his back lately, and we just didn’t feel comfortable about it. So today, we confronted the situation and pulled rookie safety Chris Horton aside.

We’ve got to bring something to your attention. It seems the fans have given you a nickname …

“I think I already know it,” Horton said. “The Predator?”

This really was becoming high school, with Horton surprising me by already having the nickname get back to him. Rattled, I tried to press forward.

As a safety who seems to have a knack for being around the football that’s a compliment, right?

“Yeah, it’s a funny name, but when I think about how that guy looks I don’t know if that’s so much of a compliment,” he said with a laugh.

My guess is, unlike in basketball or other sports, the fans can’t really see your face. They just see the helmet and the hair as you swoop in and make another play.

(Laughs). “It’s a good thing, I guess,” he said. “The Predator, his role, he’s a deadly guy. Some of the things he did and some of the weapons he had in the movie were insane. So I guess it’s a good thing.”

And what are some of the weapons you have?

“I love to hit,” Horton said. “I love to try and hit guys as hard as I can.”

So its official – Chris Horton approves of his new nickname “The Predator,” which is great because my neighbor kid has already put “gave an NFL player a nickname” on his resume.


  1. Travis J.
    October 8, 2008 at 2:25 pm

    As a nickname for Horton, I’m actually partial to ‘JUDGE DREAD’ myself… He’s definitely been judging opposing offenses as unworthy!

  2. gortiz
    October 8, 2008 at 6:07 pm

    wow, it’s been years since a real, good nickname has been born …

    I’m not talking about A-Rod, or C-Po, those suck. A real nickname that fits. I LOVE IT.


  3. hcoreskinsfan
    October 8, 2008 at 8:38 pm

    I am also in agreement this is a very big game against the rams but I see no reason why we should not score at least 48 pts! I am calling for it and I dam well better get it! Someone get Zorn on the horn and tell him to pull out all the bells and whistles for this one! I can really see JC having a 4td+ day and there is also no reason why he should not! None the less the RAMS are still an NFL team! That being said they cannot be taken lightly because as up and down as I may sound I am a fan and sound coaching wins football games! but if I can see soft spots in the secondary on Sunday I hope Zorn sees them as well and takes full on advantage and please no more of that prevent defense crap in close games please coach blanch we can do without! What’s wrong with the normal D you play during the game that has worked? What do they have some form of new Offense that dictates a 3 man line? Help me to understand this because I never have and never will and I played the game on a few levels aside from madden! Matters of fact I don’t even play madden! If it aint quake or first person it aint me! That being said hail to the redskins! And pull this one out because I like the tone of this team right now.

    and i second the JUDGE DREAD nickname!

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