Falling In Reverse at Chesapeake Employers Insurance Arena

Before there was Falling In Reverse there was From Behind These Walls. When originally established, the band was first called From Behind These Walls, a fitting moniker for a group formed while lead singer Ronnie Radke was incarcerated for assault, from 2008 to 2010. The name didn’t last long though, thanks to a potential copyright infringement, so the group became known as Falling In Reverse.

Those early days resulted in more than just a band name though. During an episode of “Talk is Jericho” with Fozzy frontman Chris Jericho last August, Radke explained how the experience of going to prison resulted in social anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder. While his prison sentence forced Radke to overcome an addiction to opiates, it also made him struggle in group settings.

“I couldn’t be with more than one person at a time,” he said. “If there was more than two people in a room, it made me feel very crazy. Social anxiety, it was insane man.”

Fortunately for everyone involved, Radke is in a much better place these days as Falling In Reverse tours globally in front of thousands of their hardcore fans on a nightly basis. Once the curtain dropped on this night, Radke — along with lead guitarist Max Georgiev, rhythm guitarist Christian Thompson, bassist Tyler Burgess and drummer Luke Holland — took to the stage at Chesapeake Employers Insurance Arena and delivered a mesmerizing performance, July 3.

They kicked off the show with “Zombified,” the hugely-popular track that became a mainstay on SiriusXM Octane and countless other hard rock music stations in 2022. As a nonconformist who has never shied away from controversy, Radke feels right at home speaking his mind. With middle fingers in the air, the lead singer shared his not-so-surprising stance on cancel culture.

You better shut your mouth and bite your tongue

‘Cause you don’t wanna piss off anyone

We’re traumatized by the damage done

Welcome to America

‘Cause everybody’s talking, bitch

Oh no, they’ll never let go

Of something you said ten years ago

They’re canceling, canceling you

This was followed up by performances of “I’m Not a Vampire,” “Losing My Mind” and “Fuck You and All Your Friends,” at which point it became apparent Falling In Reverse shows aren’t intended for those who are easily offended. Thankfully, everyone in the near-capacity venue got the memo and happily sang along throughout the entire evening.

It’s been six years since Falling In Reverse last released an album, and yet, the band has had no shortage of success recently. In addition to “Zombified,” two other singles earned ample rotation in ’22 — “Watch the World Burn” and “Voices in My Head.”

On that note, seeing “Watch The World Burn” live is worth the price of admission alone. Radke blazed through the rap portion of the track at breakneck speed without missing a proverbial beat and, on this night, singer Alex the Terrible of Slaughter To Prevail joined the party as the two lead singers brought the house down.

Voices in My Head” was up next and the crowd was officially in a frenzy. They then closed out the night with “Popular Monster,” the signature track that the current headliner tour is named after. The band’s energetic and visually stunning show moved at such a rapid pace that by the time it ends, concertgoers couldn’t help but feel physically and emotional spent as they headed for the exits. And really, that’s what live music is all about.  

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