Blacktop Mojo at Tally Ho Theater

Although they’ve only been around since 2012, it feels like Blacktop Mojo has been around much longer.

Maybe it has something to do with their throwback sound, which has been described as a cross between Soundgarden and Lynyrd Skynyrd. Maybe it’s the soulful sounds that emanate from frontman Matt James’ pipes when he bellows out the lyrics along with the musical stylings of guitarist Chuck Wepfer, bassist Matt Curtis, drummer Nathan Gillis and touring guitarist Malcolm Booher. Whatever the case, the boys from Palestine, Texas continue to produce music I cannot get enough of.

From those uninitiated, might I suggest the band’s amazing cover of “Dream On,” by Aerosmith, which, at last count, had more than 23 million views. From there, be sure to check out “Where the Wind Blows” and “Tail Lights.” And if Blacktop Mojo happens to come to your town, you’d be wise to see them live. Because they definitely know how to put on one helluva performance.

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