Spiritbox at The Fillmore

When husband and wife duo of Mike Stringer and Courtney LaPlante formed Spiritbox in 2017, they absolutely raised the bar for couples everywhere.

The band, comprised of singer LaPlante, guitarist Stringer, as well as bassist Bill Crook and drummer Zev Rose, has quickly ascended up the ranks and is now a mainstay on hard rock charts across the country (and obviously north of the border as well). Their debut full-length album, Eternal Blue, has been universally loved and, if the sellout crowd in Silver Spring, Maryland, was any indication, their fanbase cannot wait to experience these songs live and in person.

Their set kicked off with 2019 single, “Rule Of Nines,” which was a great tone setter. They immediately jumped into “Circle With Me,” which had the entire building singing along and by the time they got to “Blessed Be,” the entire audience was eating out of their hands. It seems inevitable that Spiritbox are destined for big things. Their look. Their sound. Everything about the band garners attention.

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