Vikings pillage Redskins in routine victory over hapless opponent

Thursday Night Football is almost always trash. The games are usually bad matchups littered with sloppy play because of the short week. That said, this particular affair had been circled on the calendar as soon as the schedule came out.

Thanks to numerous interesting and exciting subplots, fans of both franchises were excited and hopefully heading into this midweek battle.

You had Kirk Cousins in a revenge match with the Washington Redskins franchise that drafted him, but never really learned how to properly pronounce his first name.

Case Keenum returned to Minnesota to take on the Vikings, who he nearly guided to a Super Bowl birth … and was then promptly replaced by Cousins. And Adrian Peterson returned to the city where he began his stellar Hall of Fame career.

And yet, this was a complete snoozefest. The Vikings won without really having to break a sweat and the trio of Cousins, Keenum and Peterson all had fairly quiet evenings.

In fact, Keenum left the game early due to injury, and even his replacement — rookie Dwayne Haskins — failed to impress during this primetime bout. Regardless of who plays at quarterback for the team, the Redskins have now gone nine-consecutive quarters without scoring a touchdown. Which is less than ideal.

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