Mother Nature, 49ers cruise to easy win over Redskins

Before the season began, the Washington Redskins had grand plans for Week 7.

The entire weekend was coined a “Fantennial Weekend,” as the organization acknowledged the National Football League’s 100th season with a series of fan-friendly events. That was also when the team’s annual homecoming game was set to take place, as some of the biggest names in franchise history stop by the stadium to remind ‘Skins fans of the good old days.

That’s also when the franchise planned to recognize former standout tackle Chris Samuels by adding his name to the Ring of Honor at FedEx Field during a halftime ceremony. With any luck, the entire ordeal would be a nonstop party for anyone and everyone wearing burgundy and gold. Or so they hoped.

Instead, the San Francisco 49ers (the NFC’s top team) and Mother Nature (who remains undefeated) had other ideas and any cause for celebration was quickly thwarted as the visiting team and the monsoon they rode in on left town with a couple of quick and easy wins.

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