Announcing the improbable return of Skinscast

For roughly a decade, I had the absolute pleasure of participating in a weekly podcast dedicated to all things related to the Washington Redskins.

Skinscast, which featured John Pappas, Brian Reffkin and yours truly, was a podcast for ‘Skins fans by ‘Skins fans. We never pretended to be insiders. We never tried to come across as experts. We were simply three guys with a little bit of access to the team we grew up supporting.

For reasons that remain unclear, the Redskins organization has graciously opened the door to their state of the art podcast studio — the same studio, I might add, that iconic players such as John Riggings, Chris Cooley and Clinton Portis all utilize for the weekly podcasts.

With Pappas in the press box, Murf on the sidelines and Reffkin representing season ticket holders, Skinscast is back and better than ever. Click here to check out our debut episode of Skinscast 2.0.

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