This November, Redskins have little to give thanks for.

For decades, the Washington Redskins and Dallas Cowboys have represented one of the best rivalries in all of sports. And while neither franchise is anywhere close to rekindling the glory days, the NFL’s schedule makers can’t help but feel nostalgic when it comes to these two teams because, more and more frequently, they find themselves pitted against one another in primetime games.

With that in mind, I once again ditched my loved one and traveled to Jerry’s World to cover yet another Thanksgiving Day matchup. This year’s edition featured a juice storyline, with Texas’ own Colt McCoy thrust into action after the Redskins lost starting quarterback Alex Smith to a gruesome season-ending injury just days earlier. Could McCoy punctuate his return to the Lone Star state with a career-defining win or would the Cowboys get revenge on the Redskins for an early-season loss by putting Colt out to pasture?

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