An ugly win is still a win, right?

The Washington Redskins might have left town with a 16-3 victory, but it couldn’t have happened without a heavy dose of ineptitude from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick led the Buccaneers’ offense up and down the field with relative ease, but drive after drive stalled due to self-inflicted errors. On a day when Tampa racked up 500 yards of total offense, they finished the game with more turnovers (four) than points (three).

While “Fitzmagic” was the talk of the league at the beginning of the season, racking up 400 passing yards in each of Tampa’s first three games while filling in for James Winston, this poor offensive showing will more than likely relegate the veteran quarterback to backup status once again.

Meanwhile, the Redskins have somehow managed to do just enough so far this season to find themselves in first place in the NFC East with a 6-3 record. No one is suggesting that they’re a lock for the postseason, but ‘Skins fans won’t complain about a few lucky bounces going Washington’s way for a change.

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