photos from the sidelines: week 1

(photo by Brian Murphy)

As you know by now, the Washington Redskins started their season off with a bang — shocking the New Orleans Saints 40-32.

The offense, led by a gentleman named Bob Griffin, looked better than it has in a while. The defense, thanks to the inspired play of a couple lesser-heralded safeties, got timely turnovers. And special teams … well … they were definitely “special.”

All in all, it added up to what was probably the most satisfying Redskins win since ’07 — when the team rallied together to make the playoffs after the tragic death of safety Sean Taylor. Wins have been hard to come by for Washington in recent years and quality wins like this have been even more rare, so please forgive ‘Skins fans if they’re enjoying this victory a little more than usual.

For those fans interested in reliving all of the action, here is a link to my favorite photos I was able to capture from the sidelines of the Superdome.

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  1. HapHaszard
    September 10, 2012 at 11:27 am

    Fantastic Pictures Murf, I could only dream of doing that well.

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