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[Editor’s note: For those who still haven’t heard the news, I’ve started writing a weekly sports column for SB Nation DC. So every Tuesday, my contribution to society (or at least the D.C. sports scene) is located over there.]

Now that the World Cup has come and gone and ESPN’s shameful slurping of the LeBron-a-thon is mercifully over, it’s almost that time again folks.

Before you know it, it’ll be time for training camp – a wonderful time of year where fans from 31 cities optimistically believe this could be the year something special happens with their favorite football franchise (only Cleveland is downtrodden enough not to get their hopes up).

There are a few staples of this time of year.

There’s the new sheriff in town (Mike Shanahan). There’s the veteran player hoping to rejuvenate his career as he finds himself in a new city for the first time (Donovan McNabb). There’s the disgruntled holdout, who is unhappy with his contract or something else and isn’t in a hurry to show up for work until someone fixes the problem and/or cuts him a new check (Albert Haynesworth). And then there’s the “Rudy.”

You know what I’m talking about: the underdog who seemingly comes from nowhere to become the feel-good story of training camp.

In the past, unheralded players such as Jesse Lumsden, Jimmy Farris and, most recently, Marko Mitchell have filled that role for the Washington Redskins. (I’d include Colt Brennan on the list, but honestly, his fanatical fanbase kind of scares me).

Well, with camp just around the corner, I wanted to go ahead and point you in the direction of the newest member to the club.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Anthony Armstrong.

Sure, most of you have never heard of him and couldn’t pick him out of a police lineup if he was wearing his jersey, but that’s not going to stop you from falling in love with the guy in about two or three weeks.

Why Armstrong?

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