for those who doubt london fletcher …

Nothing against rookie linebacker Brian Orakpo, who was voted to the Pro Bowl in his rookie year, but if only one player from the Washington Redskins deserved the honor, it is clearly middle linebacker London Fletcher. Besides the fact that he is currently second in the NFL in tackles with 134, he’s the heart and soul of the Washington defense. Oh, and he hits like a dump truck.

Just ask Brian Westbrook. Or DeSean Jackson. Or Laurence Maroney. Or Brandon Jacobs. Or Patrick Crayton.

The bottom line is, there is a roster full of talented players who can tell you from experience just what Fletcher brings to the table. And if they’re not available for comment, there’s always Orakpo.

“I felt great when I got it and I still feel great about it,” Orakpo said. “But when you look back at it, Fletcher has done so much for me and I will trade spots with him anytime because he deserves it just as much as me, if not more. It’s like a number game, with so many middle linebackers in the NFL.  It is what it is, but I will trade my spot with him any day, for just what he brings to the table and what he brings to this team.”

While it’s true the Pro Bowl is nothing more than a popularity contest, it would have been nice to finally see Fletcher get the recognition he deserves. Chances are this snub will only fuel the fire that much more, which means someone better warn the folks in San Diego. Someone’s not walking off that field on their own.

And for those who want to see just how fired up Fletcher will be when he takes the field, we’ve got some video evidence posted above. Consider yourself warned.

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