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Believe it or not, but some high-quality reading actually comes from outside of Homer McFanboy. And because we know you’d much rather spend your time at work surfing the net than actually being productive, here’s what we’re reading this morning:

  • Our buddy Dan Steinberg usually leads the pack when it comes to quality content. Unfortunately, his latest work feels more like a sucker punch than anything else as he tackles the long-standing myth that Andre the Giant once tried out for George Allen and the Washington Redskins. Up next for Steinberg, proving there is no Santa Claus and assassinating the Easter Bunny.
  • After having your hopes and dreams crushed by the DC Sportsbog, head over to the Redskins Official Blog to read a story of ‘Skins linebacker Rocky McIntosh joining a group of young teenagers for a game of paintball. Photos and video are included.
  • Although the Washington Capitals lost last night in Toronto 2-1 via shootout, the real winner was superstar forward Alex Ovechkin, who sported a “Coach’s Corner” t-shirt prior to the game in honor of blowhard Don Cherry. Suck on that, old man.
  • If you’re more interested in what’s going on with the Caps on the ice, then be sure to check out Japers’ Rink breakdown of defenseman Mike Green’s impressive season. It turns out after you look at the numbers, Mike Green is pretty good.
  • Although we’re still a month away from the NFL Draft, a lot of folks around town are already diving into mock drafts and speculating what position the Redskins will target in the first round. Our buddy Mark took a different approach – disecting every player selected with the 13th-overall pick over the last 40 years. It took a ton of research to compile, so go check it out.
  • Finally, ESPN’s Matt Mosely sat down with head coach Jim Zorn this week to get his take on Albert Haynesworth, Jason Campbell and last season’s trio of rookie pass catchers.

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