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The big news of the day is that Vinny Cerrato, the executive vice president for football operations for the Washington Redskins, held a 15-minute press conference today.

Since folks don’t hear much from Cerrato unless he’s on his own radio show, some ‘Skins fans had high hopes in regards to possible topics. But as most rational fans could have guessed, Cerrato had nothing of substance to say just days after the Redskins season ended. Truth be told, only one question and answer from the entire press conference is noteworthy at all.

When asked if Jason Campbell was the Redskins’ quarterback of the future, Cerrato replied: “I think that Jason’ll be back … you know, he’s the starting quarterback. And I think what you do is you just go year to year and you have to evaluate everything.”

That’s it. Of course, since that’s the only memorable quote from the entire dog and pony show, the fanatical types will surely take it 10 steps too far and say, “OMG!!!!! VINNY DISSED CAMPBELL!!!!!!” and go on blathering about nothing. But let us, the sensible types, take a step back and think about it for a moment.

What exactly would the front office have to gain by endorsing Jason Campbell as the Redskins’ long-term solution at quarterback?

The answer? Nothing.

In fact, making that statement, one could argue, would actually hurt the franchise. Why? Because Campbell is set to become a free agent after the 2009 season.

Standing in front of the media and stating unequivocally that Campbell is the man and will be the cornerstone of the franchise for the next decade only drives up the price for the free agent-to-be.

Cerrato is simply playing things safe and not giving Campbell’s agent any unnecessary leverage when it’s time to sit down and negotiate a new deal. Anyone that says different is a moron. Do us all a favor and don’t be that guy.

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  1. RSH
    December 31, 2008 at 4:09 pm

    Yeah they need to go ahead and give Jason an endorsement going into the offseason. He always has this same situation hanging over his head during the OTAs and mini camp. Hopefully he won’t be learning a new system.

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