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The season is upon us, and just in case you’re not fully prepared for the opener against the Super Bowl champion New York Giants (let’s not make it a habit of calling them that), we’ve got you covered. Here’s a few links to get you ready for some football:

  • Ryan O’Halloran, of the Washington Times, and Channel 4’s Lindsay Czarniak are two of my favorites in the press box. Both know their stuff and, as a bonus, have always been very kind to a hack like this McFanboy. Each week they get together for a point-counterpoint column. This week they focus on the demotion of Jon Jansen, which rookie will make the biggest impact and predict who will be victorious Thursday night.
  • Rich Tandler, who knows way more about football than I ever will, also previews this week’s game by taking an in-depth look at the Giants. Tandler asks the question, are the Giants a better team now than they were last December. I think we all know the answer to that one, don’t we Tiki?
  • One of my favorite sites out there is called Post Game Heroes, who do a great job of actually breaking down film to track tendencies and possible weaknesses or areas of concern heading into each week’s match-up. This week they turn their attention to Giants left tackle David Diehl, who in their estimation is the offensive lineman the ‘Skins should be able to exploit.
  • Finally, the Redskins official blogger Matt Terl, reminds Redskins fans that we are, in fact, smarter and more successful than Giants fans. He could have added better looking too, but why kick a fanbase when they’re down?

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