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Dave Elfin, of The Washington Times, poses the question in today’s paper – could the burgundy and gold make a play for future Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre?

How about a trade to a team that has gone eight seasons without a Pro Bowl quarterback, has an inexperienced starter who grew up idolizing his fellow Mississippian and has an owner with an expansive checkbook?

Yes, the Washington Redskins. Envisioning Brett in burgundy yet?

Redskins owner Dan Snyder just might be, though NFL sources believe it is highly unlikely to happen.

While it makes for entertaining copy and might sell an extra newspaper or two, I’m sorry to say it just ain’t going to happen. If the ‘Skins weren’t absolutely committed to that “fellow Mississippian,” Jason Campbell, then I could see it. But they’ve basically come out and said, “We’re going to give Jason every chance to be our franchise quarterback.” I mean, Todd “The Tasty Drink” Collins came in last season after Campbell was injured during the Chicago Bears game and closed out the regular season with five-straight wins when anything less would have ended their season, and it’s as if he was never even an option. Campbell is the starter. End of discussion. (Well … unless Peyton Manning or Tom Brady somehow became available).

A couple other quick hits about Favre:

1. It’s his right to want to play as long as he wants, and it’s the team’s right to want to move on. The problem comes if/when the Packers want to move on, but don’t want to release him. No one thinks Favre will be a backup to unproven quarterback-in-waiting Aaron Rodgers. And if he somehow did agree to it, the very first incomplete pass from Rodgers will be met with a chorus of “WE WANT FAVRE!” from the Cheeseheads.

2. With Favre on the cover of the Madden ’09 video game, whoever ends up with Brett will have to know the Madden Curse will be heading into town with him. But here’s a question for you – if Favre stays retired and the curse can’t get him, does that mean it transfers to Tony Romo (a.k.a. – John Madden’s next object of desire)? And speaking of Romo, is he really planning on heading into the season without former gal pal Jessica Simpson? In the immortal words of Weezer, “Say it ain’t so.”

3. If he does stay retired, can we see him reunite with the Farrelly Brothers for a follow-up to “There’s Something About Mary?”

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