I got a press release in my inbox late yesterday that I felt needs to be shared with the class.


The Washington Redskins announced Monday that the Redskins Broadcast Network won three 2007 Emmy Awards at the 50th Annual Awards Gala on Saturday, June 14 in Washington, D.C. This marks the team’s first-ever Emmy Award and nomination since the debut of the Redskins Broadcast Network in 2005. The Redskins were nominated for three Emmy Awards and won in all three categories.

“We are very proud of this honor,” said Mitch Gershman, Chief Operating Officer of the Washington Redskins. “These shows and broadcasts provide our fans with great content, live game action and a unique perspective of Redskins history.”

The Redskins Broadcast Network won 2007 Emmy Awards in the following categories:

– Sports – One-Time Special – 75 Years of Redskins Football Built on Tradition
– Sports – Program Feature Segment – Remembering #21
– Sports Event/Game – Live/Unedited – Redskins vs. Steelers, NFL Preseason Football

75 years of Redskins Football Built on Tradition, narrated by CNN broadcasting legend Bernard Shaw, chronicled the greatest moments in Washington Redskins history. This one-hour documentary was produced by Larry Michael, Executive Producer, Tim DeLaney, Senior Producer and Marc Dress, Director of Photography/Lighting Director.

“The Redskins lived this story, we merely consolidated the impact,” Shaw said. “We are grateful for the ending.”

Remembering # 21, a special tribute regarding the untimely death of Pro Bowl safety Sean Taylor, and The Redskins vs. Steelers, NFL Preseason Football game were also honored. Michael and DeLaney served as executive and senior producers, respectively. Brad Baker was an assistant producer on Remembering # 21.


Let me take a minute to congratulate Larry Michael, Marc Dress, Tim DeLaney and Brad Baker. Over the last couple of years I had the chance to get to know each of these fine gentlemen (and Marc), and mean it when I say this is all well deserved. The Sean Taylor tribute video, in particular, was so amazing that I saw beat reporters in tears. These are people who get paid to cover the team – not fans. And they were so moved by the fitting tribute that they couldn’t even hold back tears on the sidelines. These guys do wonderful work, and I’m glad they’re getting this kind of attention.

My only question is this – is an Emmy like the Stanley Cup? Do they get to take it home for a night and break it in with the wife, or do they each get one of their own?

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  1. Thomas
    June 17, 2008 at 12:26 pm

    I love hearing about the categories for “Emmy” type award shows. “Best NFL documentary including zero to many teams that could potentially use both white and maroon in a uniform aired between Tuesday and Friday in a month’s name that includes the letter A where greater than 3 producers can pat themselves on the back for having been tangent to the project.” No one knows how to celebrate the accomplishments of the media like….er….the media. At least the Redskins are involved.

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