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(the other) alexander the great

How many players make such a lasting impression on a fan that they can remember exactly where they were and what they were doing the moment this guy arrived on the scene? Not very many. But there’s no doubt, when it comes to Lorenzo Alexander, the chubby-faced University of California alum, the exact moment when he etched his name into the memories of Redskins fans. It was Saturday, August 11, and the ‘Skins were in Nashville to take on the […]

odds and ends

Not much to share with the class today, but here’s a few things to help kill some time on a Thursday afternoon. For starters, we have my bi-weekly Hobotrashcan column, called Note to Self. This week, I’m a little angry at the sports world and decide to vent. Everyone from Don Imus to Kobe Bryant to Barry Melrose to Jim Bowden is in my sights this time around, so I hope you enjoy. Once you plow through that, there’s a […]

zorn to be wild

Let me start by saying, we’re absolutely in the leanest portion of the football offseason. Training camp is still a month away and there aren’t even OTAs to help pass the time. With the NBA and NHL seasons concluded, it’s pretty much baseball or nothing. Since baseball in D.C. is nothing, here’s something to help pass the time. A popular topic on some of the Redskins message boards, is the topic of “What can we expect from Jim Zorn?” Because […]


I got a press release in my inbox late yesterday that I felt needs to be shared with the class. —— The Washington Redskins announced Monday that the Redskins Broadcast Network won three 2007 Emmy Awards at the 50th Annual Awards Gala on Saturday, June 14 in Washington, D.C. This marks the team’s first-ever Emmy Award and nomination since the debut of the Redskins Broadcast Network in 2005. The Redskins were nominated for three Emmy Awards and won in all […]

the full monty

(photo by Brian Murphy) Realizing that we’ve reached a painfully uneventful portion of an already uncharacteristically quiet offseason for the Washington Redskins, Homer McFanboy is here to the rescue. We’re busting out the first of a five-part series on the biggest surprises of the 2007 season. We’re spotlighting five guys (not to be confused with Five Guys), who exceeded expectations and give ‘Skins fans plenty of reason for optimism heading into the 2008 season. Up first, Anthony Montgomery. Montgomery was […]

help wanted

This week, Dan Steinberg of The Washington Post mentioned on his blog that the Washington Redskins are looking to hire a full-time blogger. In fact, the team even brought in Steinberg, the man behind the D.C. Sports Bog, to see if he could be the man for the job. While Steinberg said it isn’t going to work out for him, he went on to say, “The idea of a behind-the-scenes, video-and-photo-heavy, well-written and authentic Redskins.com blog, composed by a real […]

the man, the myth, the mullet

(photo by Brian Murphy) Man, I hate these things. Speaking at someone’s wake … er … wedding is never pleasant. Okay, where should I begin?It’s easy to see why Chris Cooley is one of the most popular athletes in town. For starters, he might be legally insane. Doubters need only talk to the folks at Cooley’s banking institution of choice in Leesburg, Virginia, where they’re still trying to recover from the time he went to the drive-through window to deposit […]