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the legend of the colt

As previously noted, Redskins fans have quickly found a place in their hearts for rookie quarterback Colt Brennan. Maybe it’s due to the fact he broke 30 records during his time at Hawaii or maybe it’s because he sounds like a kid who knows how to have a good time. Either way, ‘Skins fans are more vocal about Brennan than any team has ever been about a third-stringer QB. When Todd Collins threw his first incomplete pass during the Hall […]

we belong here

Can’t get enough Homer McFanboy? Well then, you’re in luck, sir. In addition to your regularly scheduled programming, you can also head over to Skinscast this morning and listen to our latest Redskins podcast. In this episode we talk about everything from the Hall of Fame ceremony to the Colt Brennan Experience. By the end of the show, we end up arguing (no surprise there) over which rookie pass catcher will have the biggest impact on the 2008 season (I’ll […]

rookie spotlight

(photo by Brian Murphy) Unlike some fans, I wholeheartedly believe that very little can be taken away from a preseason game (well … unless Steve Spurrier decides to try out his entire playbook during the meaningless exhibition). Veterans go into these games with two objectives — avoid injury and enjoy finally hitting someone in a different jersey. If they work out a few kinks or iron out some flaws in their techniques that’s great, but after lining up against teammates […]

home away from home

(photo by Brian Murphy) Just got back from a highly-enjoyable weekend in Canton. Since “exhausted” is the word of the day, I will simply leave you with this photo of Darrell Green and Art Monk from the pre-game ceremony of the Redskins-Colts preseason opener and the memory of the four-minute standing ovation Monk received after finally being voted into the Hall of Fame.

catch a beat running like …

(photo by Brian Murphy) Santana Moss will forever be remembered for his late-game heroics during a Monday Night Football game in Dallas back in 2005. His 39 and 70 yard touchdowns propelled the ‘Skins to an improbable 14-13 victory over the rival Cowboys in a game they had no business winning. The following season, Moss struck again, hauling in a 68-yard game winner in overtime to shock the Jacksonville Jaguars 36-30 (in what I consider the most exciting game I’ve […]

hit the road jack

(photo by Brian Murphy) Pictured above is the aforementioned Jon Jansen training camp RV. When they’re not on the field or in meetings, it’s a safe bet Jansen, Rabach and friends are hiding away in here. Figured since it was mentioned in an entry earlier this week, the least I could do was provide a shot of it. This picture is also symbolic because I’m hitting the road. Instead of camping out at Redskins Park, I’m headed down to the […]

rookie hazing

(photo by Brian Murphy) “Momma never told me there’d be days like this. If you could guess what is on the mind of rookie wide receiver Devin Thomas, who suffered a hamstring injury Thursday and will be out for at least the next 10-14 days. If that’s not enough, this is also the week we were finally able to track him down and give him that long-awaited father-son type talk. Some of you may remember that Thomas won the 2008 […]