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rookie hazing

(photo by Brian Murphy) “Momma never told me there’d be days like this. If you could guess what is on the mind of rookie wide receiver Devin Thomas, who suffered a hamstring injury Thursday and will be out for at least the next 10-14 days. If that’s not enough, this is also the week we were finally able to track him down and give him that long-awaited father-son type talk. Some of you may remember that Thomas won the 2008 […]

introducing "mcdreamy" taylor

(photo by Brian Murphy) I guess I should mention the newest addition to the Washington Redskins. You guys may not know this, but #55 is not Dallas Sartz. It’s actually a defensive lineman named Jason Taylor, who men know from his distinguished football career and women drool over because he tap danced his way into their collective hearts on a reality TV show. Seriously, ask any woman nearby what she thinks of Jason Taylor and watch her melt in front […]

down with the dirtbags

(AP photo) As we’ve previously established, I’ve officially given up on trying to bring any type of breaking news or in-depth training camp breakdowns. Smart Redskins fans have plenty of places to go for that kind of stuff. Instead, I’ll continue to focus on some of the important issues that may otherwise go unreported, like how many days into training camp does offensive tackle Jon Jansen anticipate it will take before he and defensive lineman Kedric Golston start throwing punches […]

fantasy football

(photo by Brian Murphy) Did Pro Bowl tight end Chris Cooley really just post a link to my interview audio, post my photos and give me a shout out (“Photo credits go to Brian Murphy and Extremeskins.com as always they have the best stuff”)? Clearly, this world no longer makes sense. And don’t even mention that he talks about sporting an “elephant thong” before he gets around to me. I know where I rank in the grand scheme of things, […]

the redskins’ ultimate fighter

This past Saturday night, Anderson “The Spider” Silva showed why he is the best mixed martial arts fighter in the world, putting James “The Sandman” Irvin to sleep without breaking a sweat during a UFC event on Spike TV. Just one minute into the bout, Irvin attempted to sweep kick Silva. Unfortunately for him, the Brazilian caught Irvin’s foot with a left hand and with the challenger now completely defenseless, drove a crushing blow into “The Sandman’s” face. Game over. […]

take it to the bank

If you haven’t figured out by now, Ryan O’Halloran of The Washington Times, is one of the best beat writers in town. If you don’t believe me, go check out his latest contribution, a highly-enjoyable feature story on Chris Cooley from earlier this week. If you also haven’t figured out by now, I’m a complete hack. I watch a bunch of sports on TV or play a couple of video games, and suddenly I think I’m qualified to drive NASCAR […]

something about brett

Dave Elfin, of The Washington Times, poses the question in today’s paper – could the burgundy and gold make a play for future Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre? How about a trade to a team that has gone eight seasons without a Pro Bowl quarterback, has an inexperienced starter who grew up idolizing his fellow Mississippian and has an owner with an expansive checkbook? Yes, the Washington Redskins. Envisioning Brett in burgundy yet? Redskins owner Dan Snyder just might […]