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photos from the sidelines: week 14

(photo by Brian Murphy) At some point, we’re all going to have to stop and admit that there just might be something special about the 2012 Washington Redskins. Of course, that didn’t appear to be the case as this team limped into the bye week with a 3-6 record thanks in large part to a three-game losing streak. Now though, the Redskins appear fully capable of beating anyone and everyone — even when they’re not playing their best football. The […]

joshua morgan channels tragedy into giving back

(photo by Brian Murphy) [Editor’s note: This season, the Washington Redskins have asked me to occasionally write feature stories for the team’s official website, Redskins.com. This article is my latest contribution, so please check it out.] The mind of a child is a beautiful thing. An oversized cardboard box or a couple cushions from a sofa provide ample opportunity for a week’s worth of entertainment. In most cases, if someone asks you what you want to be when you grow up and […]

bruce boudreau on robert griffin III and alex ovechkin

(photo by Brian Murphy) Even before the Washington Redskins put together this current three-game winning streak, their games have become something of a trendy destination for celebrities big and small. On a weekly basis it seems, people ranging from ‘Skins fans like Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Wale to casual observers like Willie Robertson from Duck Dynasty and Paul Teutul, Jr. from Orange County Choppers randomly appear either on the sidelines or in a luxury box. That, of course, has to do with […]

redskins-giants playlist

(photo by Brian Murphy) 1. “Changing” by Alabama Shakes After finishing up his post-game press conference duties, Washington Redskins franchise quarterback Robert Griffin III paused for a moment as he walked back into the locker room. The rookie was still wearing his grass-stained uniform after a tough and physical NFC East battle against the New York Giants, but before he could shower and head home there was one thing left to do. Griffin paused, surveyed the room and said to […]

photos from the sidelines: week 13

(photo by Brian Murphy) We’re headed towards uncharted territory, boys and girls. After essentially ending the competitive portion of their schedule with a humbling loss to a pitiful Carolina Panthers team, the Washington Redskins were once again a doormat of a franchise, thanks to their 3-6 record. And then something crazy happened — the Redskins took the bye week and magically, one week later, all was right in the universe. Suddenly, the Redskins are playing meaningful football in December for […]

5 reasons why the redskins won’t win monday night

(photo by Brian Murphy) When the Washington Redskins take the field tonight against the New York Giants, they should be considered heavy underdogs. Why? Because all indications are this is a game the Redskins simply cannot win. Don’t believe me? Read on: 1. The Redskins haven’t won three games in a row since 2008. The last time the Redskins put together a modest three-game winning streak was the beginning of the Jim Zorn era. Seriously, how is that even possible? […]

giving will montgomery credit for his stellar play

(photo by Brian Murphy) For more than a decade, the Washington Redskins struggled to score points with any level of consistency. Regardless of whether the team was coached by the great Joe Gibbs, the terrible Steve Spurrier or someone in between, the team failed to finish in the top 10 in points scored from 2000-11. Mercifully, that trend appears to be over — thanks largely to a dynamic duo of first year players in franchise quarterback Robert Griffin III and […]