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redskins-giants playlist

(photo by Brian Murphy) 1. “1999” by Prince The last time the Washington Redskins swept the New York Giants in a season was 1999. To put that in proper perspective, outside linebacker Ryan Kerrigan was 11. So was running back Roy Helu. At 13, linebacker Brian Orakpo had just become a teenager. “What grade is that? Seventh? Seventh grade? I was a young cut,” Orakpo said with a laugh. “It feels good – especially to sweep a team in a […]

redskins-patriots playlist

(photo by Brian Murphy) 1. “Make Me Proud” by Drake It’s safe to say that expectations were low heading into the weekend, as the Washington Redskins hosted the New England Patriots. That’s because, if the season ended Sunday, one team was playing for home-field advantage throughout the playoffs while the other was in the hunt for a top five pick in the 2012 NFL Draft. One team was 9-3 and featured first-ballot Hall of Famer Tom Brady, while the other […]

redskins-jets playlist

(photo by Brian Murphy) 1. “Things Ain’t Like They Used to Be” by The Black Keys In many ways, the Washington Redskins’ 34-19 loss to the New York Jets was a perfect representation of the 2011 season. In both instances, the team looked at its best the first time it took the field, gave the fans plenty of reason for hope and then the wheels suddenly came flying off leaving everyone involved wondering what the hell just happened. Like many […]

redskins-seahawks playlist

(photo by Brian Murphy) 1. “Territorial Pissing” by Nirvana The last time I was in Seattle, it was to cover the only playoff game I’ve been on the sidelines for. After the shocking death of safety Sean Taylor, the Washington Redskins rallied to win their final four games of the 2007 regular season to sneak in the postseason. Emotions were high as Hall of Famer Joe Gibbs and the Redskins traveled west to face the Seattle Seahawks, and everyone involved […]

redskins-cowboys playlist

(photos by Brian Murphy) 1. “Difference” by Childish Gambino What does it say about the state of the Washington Redskins franchise that local fans can actually live with a loss to a hated rival? No ‘Skins fan ever wants to see the burgundy and gold fall to the Dallas Cowboys, but seeing the team shows signs of life for the first time in more than a month should be enough to help ease the pain of the 27-24 overtime loss. […]

redskins-dolphins playlist

(photo by Brian Murphy) 1. “Different Names For The Same Thing” by Death Cab For Cutie Mike Shanahan and the Washington Redskins set out to silence their critics against the Miami Dolphins Sunday. While some fans inexplicably believe the Redskins’ head coach is content to lose the rest of the games on the schedule in hopes of securing the best draft pick possible, Shanahan made a series of pre-game moves that seemingly killed that theory. After three uninspired starts, quarterback […]

redskins-49ers playlist

(photo by Brian Murphy) 1. “I’ll Follow You into the Dark” by Death Cab For Cutie* John Beck has been so bad since taking over the starting quarterback role for the Washington Redskins, that he’s rewriting history. One week after a Mike Shanahan-coached team was shut out for the first time in his 18-year career, Beck’s inability to mount any sort of offense helped two teammates set franchise records. Thanks to Beck, kicker Graham Gano now owns the record for […]