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best of redskins-seahawks photos

(photo by Brian Murphy) While most fans of the Washington Redskins settle for a view of their favorite team’s games from a recliner or the cheap seats, I’m fortunate enough to be on the sidelines each and every Sunday. Even now, in my seventh season, I still get chills as I walk out onto the sidelines before a Redskins game. By the time the national anthem is finished, I’m so fired up I feel like I could take the field […]

it’s about time: redskins photo archive

(photo by Brian Murphy) The fact is, this is now my seventh season as a credentialed photographer. Each and every Sunday, I travel to wherever the Washington Redskins are in hopes of getting as close to the action as possible.* *Without getting steamrolled in the process. In years past, I would take a couple hundred of my photos, shrink them down to a reasonable size, post them online and forget about them. But the truth is, even I wasn’t ever […]

best of redskins-rams photos

(photos by Brian Murphy)

best of redskins-texans photos

(photos by Brian Murphy)