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photos from the sidelines: week 13

(photo by Brian Murphy) We’re headed towards uncharted territory, boys and girls. After essentially ending the competitive portion of their schedule with a humbling loss to a pitiful Carolina Panthers team, the Washington Redskins were once again a doormat of a franchise, thanks to their 3-6 record. And then something crazy happened — the Redskins took the bye week and magically, one week later, all was right in the universe. Suddenly, the Redskins are playing meaningful football in December for […]

photos from the sidelines: week 12

(photo by Brian Murphy) If you’re on this website, then you’re probably familiar with my body of work. But if you’re new around these parts, here’s the rundown — I cover sports. I write about sports. I shoot photos at sporting events. Most of my days are spent thinking about … you guessed it … sports. That being said, while I was in Dallas for the Thanksgiving day game featuring the Cowboys and the Washington Redskins, there was plenty of action […]

photos from the sidelines: week 11

(photos by Brian Murphy) As the first half of the 2012 season came to an end, the Washington Redskins were sadly predictable. The offense forgot how to score points, the defense continued to underwhelm and, as always, the Redskins struggled to win games at home. And then the bye week happened. Now all of the sudden, the offense once again scored points at will, the defense finally put together an effort they won’t be embarrassed of and the burgundy and […]

photos from the sidelines: week 9

(photos by Brian Murphy) Once upon a time, the Washington Redskins were actually good at football. So much so, in fact, that they actually won stuff — like Super Bowls. I fully realize that if you’re under the age of 20, you have no earthly reason to believe me, but I promise it’s true. The Redskins used to be one of the elite NFL franchises. Of course, those days are long gone. These days, cheering for the burgundy and gold […]

photos from the sidelines: week 8

(photos by Brian Murphy) The Washington Redskins picked a fine time to suffer a team-wide collapse — failing to play competent football in any of the three phases of the game against the Pittsburgh Steelers Sunday. No one on the offense appeared capable of catching the football. No one on defense seemed interested in slowing down a running back allegedly named Jonathan Dwyer. And the special teams unit — which has been laughable all season long — managed to screw […]

photos from the sidelines: week 7

(photos by Brian Murphy) How is it that an image can say so much with so little action taking place in it? Unfortunately for Washington Redskins tight end fred Davis, this shot that was captured Sunday speaks volumes, as the 26-year-old  can only look on in disappointment after suffering a torn Achilles injury that will abruptly end his season. After missing the last four game of the 2011 season because of a suspension for violating the NFL’s substance abuse policy, Davis […]

photos from the sidelines: week 6

(photos by Brian Murphy) It took 392 days, but the Washington Redskins finally rewarded the FedEx Field faithful with a much-needed victory. After losing eight-straight games at home — which was by far the longest home losing streak in the NFL — the Redskins got their act together with a convincing 38-26 victory over a Minnesota Vikings squad that came into the game with an impressive 4-1 record. That’s not the only bad streak that Washington managed to snap Sunday. They […]