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downtime for everyone

(photo by Brian Murphy) We wanted to take a moment for those individuals who may be new to the neighborhood to let them know about one of the newest features we’ve been running on the site over the last two months. If you click on the “downtime” link on the right side of the page you’ll be able to check out all of the offseason interviews we’ve conducted with members of the Washington Redskins. We’re still not sure why these […]

mighty casey at the bat

(photo by Brian Murphy) There’s nothing glamorous about the lifestyle of an offensive lineman. While quarterbacks bask in the spotlight, a good chunk of any team’s fanbase is incapable of even naming all five starting offensive linemen. But that’s okay. Guys like Washington Redskins center Casey Rabach don’t mind it at all. We caught up with Rabach over the weekend to see what he’s been up to since last season ended. So Casey, did you do anything special with your […]

finishing up with betts

(photo by Brian Murphy) Yesterday we ran part one of our exclusive interview with Washington Redskins running back Ladell Betts in which he talked about how he’s spent his offseason and his plans for life after football. Here is part two where we chatted about the team’s free agent acquisitions, how Betts views himself and those pesky quarterback rumors swirling around town these days. Enjoy. The team was also able to bring back cornerback DeAngelo Hall. What are your thoughts […]

catching up with betts

(photo by Brian Murphy) Washington Redskins running back Ladell Betts is not your stereotypical NFL player. While most fans might think of football players as nothing more than flashy young millionaires “making it rain” at their choice of gentlemen’s club, Betts is busy setting himself up for success after he hangs up the cleats. We caught up with the eighth-year pro to see what he’s been up to and were surprised with his answers. Here’s part one of our interview. […]

return of the predator

(photo by Brian Murphy) It’s no secret that players love their downtime. Some choose to spend their offseason spoiling themselves with exotic vacations to remote locations. Others find any excuse to hang with teammates. Washington Redskins safety Chris “The Predator” Horton opted to spend his first offseason in a more low-key fashion – catching up with loved ones. We tracked down everyone’s favorite safety Monday afternoon after Horton completed his first day of the Redskins’ offseason conditioning program. How tough […]

evans to ‘skins fans: thank you

(photo by Brian Murphy) Let us be perfectly clear about this – Demetric Evans wanted to remain a member of the Washington Redskins. In fact, when we talked to the defensive lineman Thursday night he informed us that he’ll keep his house in Virginia and continue to live there during the offseason. Had the Redskins shown any interest in the seven-year veteran, he’d still be a member of the burgundy and gold. But for whatever reason after five years of […]

phil daniels is ready for whatever

(photo by Brian Murphy) With free agency less than a week away, we caught up with Washington Redskins defensive end Phillip Daniels over the weekend to talk about bouncing back from a season-ending injury, losing teammates to “business decisions” and his plans for life after football. We saw an article last week that said the final two years on your contract had been voided and you’re about to be a free agent. When the heck did that happen? (Laughs). “Really, […]