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a wise man once said …

(photos by Brian Murphy) When it comes to soundbytes, Pete Kendall is no Clinton Portis. Come to think of it, he’s no Chris Cooley and he’s not much of a Fred Smoot either. In fact, up until now, the veteran offensive lineman might not have ever been considered a go-to guy for quotes. But everything’s changed now. For what might be the first time since he joined the Washington Redskins last August, Kendall has got something to say and the […]

the predator

(photo by Brian Murphy) My next door neighbor is the kind of kid you couldn’t pay to watch football. He’s a high school junior who would much rather play his guitar in his basement than tune in to see who the Redskins are playing, which makes this next statement that much more improbable – this past week he came up to me to inform me that rookie safety Chris Horton is his favorite Redskin. After getting yelled at by his […]

high stepping for nothing

(photo by Brian Murphy) Call it the best play of Devin Thomas’ career that never happened. With just under nine minutes remaining and the Washington Redskins clinging to a 24-17 lead over the Arizona Cardinals, quarterback Jason Campbell rolled out to his right to avoid pressure and connected on a 68-yard touchdown dagger to Thomas, sending the sellout FedEx Field fans into a frenzy. “We snapped it real fast and I think we caught the defense off guard,” said Thomas, […]

cardinals playlist

(photo by Brian Murphy) 1. “Happy?” by Mudvayne “He’s not smart enough.” “He can’t work in the West Coast offense.” “He’s not Zorn’s guy.” “He wasn’t the one who got them into the playoffs last year, Todd Collins was.” That’s just a small dose of the crap more than a few Redskins fans were spewing about Redskins quarterback Jason Campbell after the season-opening loss to the New York Giants. You’d have thought Danny Wuerffel was back behind the center the […]

shock jock

(photo by Brian Murphy) Chris Cooley’s nude study habits aside, the talk of the town this week is Vinny Cerrato, and the announcement that the Redskins’ executive vice president of football operations is ESPN 980’s newest radio host. Starting today, Cerrato will host Inside The Red Zone With Vinny Cerrato, which is scheduled for two hours every Monday and Friday. Apparently, many folks in town feel that Cerrato, whose job description includes personnel decisions, directing the Redskins’ draft, identifying free […]

note: not reggie

(photo by Brian Murphy) As I stood on the sidelines watching New Orleans “running back” Reggie Bush taunt a rookie punter during his return for a touchdown this past weekend, I almost felt bad for the guy. Here’s an athlete who was seemingly on top of the world when he elected to forgo his senior season at USC. He was a Heisman Trophy winner and the biggest name on the biggest program in college football, and yet, today he’s forced […]

stepping it up

(photo by Brian Murphy) Last week was like no other for Homer McFanboy. After attempting to take an in-depth look at the first 21 starts of Washington Redskins quarterback Jason Campbell’s career, I was called a “hater” and accused of having some sort of anti-Redskins agenda. Even though I started off the entry by reminding folks that I’ve been called a “Campbell apologist” for years, cranky fans automatically assumed I was lobbying for a gig at the Washington Post, where […]