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stepping it up

(photo by Brian Murphy) Last week was like no other for Homer McFanboy. After attempting to take an in-depth look at the first 21 starts of Washington Redskins quarterback Jason Campbell’s career, I was called a “hater” and accused of having some sort of anti-Redskins agenda. Even though I started off the entry by reminding folks that I’ve been called a “Campbell apologist” for years, cranky fans automatically assumed I was lobbying for a gig at the Washington Post, where […]

caption this III

(photo by Brian Murphy) Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for everyone’s favorite game – caption this. Twice before we’ve played the game (here and here), and both times we’ve had strong turnouts and solid reader-submitted captions. So let’s keep the streak alive. You might not win any cool prizes, but you’ll be formally recognized for being better than your peers and will get some love here on the blog. Here’s my humble offering to get folks started: “You know what? […]

saints playlist

(photo by Brian Murphy) As is tradition around these parts, here are five songs in honor of the Washington Redskins 29-24 victory over the New Orleans Saints. 1. “Hot in Herre” by Nelly. Feeling more like July than September, the conditions on the field at kickoff were downright brutal with a heat index of 105 degrees at FedEx Field. And while the heat could have made a lesser man falter, quarterback Jason Campbell rose to the occasion. The football gods […]

how soon they forget

(photo by Brian Murphy) You’d be hard pressed to find another eight-year veteran as underrated as Redskins receiver Santana Moss. Even though he’s been a Pro Bowl receiver and possesses game-changing abilities, critics call him injury-prone or a one-hit wonder. Since Moss doesn’t care what the critics think, I’ll gladly speak up on his behalf and remind folks exactly what he’s brought to the table since moving to Washington. Sept. 19, 2005 – The Redskins seemed overmatched and were outplayed […]

the harsh truth

(photo by Brian Murphy) During the Skinscast taping last night, I said that in my humble opinion fans will give more leeway to rookie head coach Jim Zorn than to quarterback Jason Campbell. Even though I have been labeled a “Campbell apologist,” I realize that this is clearly a make-or-break season for the fourth year signal caller out of Auburn. It’s safe to say the only reason Zorn got the job was because management felt he was the best-case scenario […]

land o’ links

(photo by Brian Murphy) Got a few things to knock out this morning, so I figured I’d pass along some links to tide folks over. It’s often been said that Papa John, Reffkin and I have our best shows after a Redskins loss. If that’s the case, then I for one would be perfectly happy not having another good show for a while. In the meantime, click here to listen to this week’s Skinscast to hear us try to make […]

adjusting expectations

(photo by Brian Murphy) Anyone who has spent time in this town knew as soon as the Washington Redskins opened the season with a less-than-stellar 16-7 loss to the New York Giants that the sky would inevitably begin to fall. No one cared to remember that the 2007 Redskins needed to win four straight games down the stretch just to finish with a winning record and earn a place in the playoffs. And that was a team with a Hall […]