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cowboys playlist

(photo by Brian Murphy) Sorry for the delay. Would have had this week’s playlist up earlier, but I was actually flying home from Dallas. Without further delay, here’s this week’s recap: 1. “The Underdog” by Spoon Las Vegas is in the business of making money. Whenever possible they prefer to win, not lose money – especially on the National Football League. When the lines came out early last week, the Dallas Cowboys were favored over the Washington Redskins by 11.5 […]

One on one with Santana Moss

While wide receiver Santana Moss will never be confused for one of the biggest guys on the football field, there’s no doubting the impact he has during a game. When the Washington Redskins need a play late in the fourth quarter, history shows they get the ball into Moss’ hands. And time and time again he delivers. Like he’s famously quoted as saying, “Big time players make big time plays in big time games.” While Moss may not be big […]

note: more than a contender

The New York Yankees said goodbye to hallowed Yankees Stadium by missing the playoffs for the first time in what seems like decades. The Tampa Bay [Don’t Call Me Devil] Rays are in the postseason for seemingly the first time ever. I’m not even allowed to mention the Chicago Cubs because one word and they might realize they haven’t collapsed yet. In football, the mighty, mighty New England Patriots got waxed by the Miami Dolphins, who have been the league’s […]

caption this IV

(photo by Brian Murphy) Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time again for the game that is sweeping the nation – caption this. Three times we’ve played the game (here, here and here), and each time we’ve had great reader-submitted captions and participation, so let’s keep up the good work. You might not win any cool prizes, but you’ll be formally recognized for being better than your peers and will get some love here on the blog. Here’s my humble offering to […]

a wise man once said …

(photos by Brian Murphy) When it comes to soundbytes, Pete Kendall is no Clinton Portis. Come to think of it, he’s no Chris Cooley and he’s not much of a Fred Smoot either. In fact, up until now, the veteran offensive lineman might not have ever been considered a go-to guy for quotes. But everything’s changed now. For what might be the first time since he joined the Washington Redskins last August, Kendall has got something to say and the […]

the predator

(photo by Brian Murphy) My next door neighbor is the kind of kid you couldn’t pay to watch football. He’s a high school junior who would much rather play his guitar in his basement than tune in to see who the Redskins are playing, which makes this next statement that much more improbable – this past week he came up to me to inform me that rookie safety Chris Horton is his favorite Redskin. After getting yelled at by his […]

high stepping for nothing

(photo by Brian Murphy) Call it the best play of Devin Thomas’ career that never happened. With just under nine minutes remaining and the Washington Redskins clinging to a 24-17 lead over the Arizona Cardinals, quarterback Jason Campbell rolled out to his right to avoid pressure and connected on a 68-yard touchdown dagger to Thomas, sending the sellout FedEx Field fans into a frenzy. “We snapped it real fast and I think we caught the defense off guard,” said Thomas, […]