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eagles playlist

(courtesy photo) I know, I know … you’re wondering what’s up with the photo. Trust me, we’ll get there. In the meantime, here’s this week’s recap: 1. “Sweep The Leg” by No More Kings Coming into the game, the haters were running out of areas to nitpick. After the Redskins rolled off three consecutive wins, including a dominating performance against the Dallas Cowboys last week, the best any of them could come up with was “The Redskins haven’t had to […]

join the bandwagon

(photo by Brian Murphy) With the Washington Redskins in between trips to Dallas and Philadelphia to take on divisional opponents, the timing seemed right to ask a simple question – what do the players think of rivalries against teams like the Cowboys and the Eagles? We know how much these games mean to fans, but do the players actually care? Do they look at this game any different than a matchup with the Houston Texans or Seattle Seahawks? “Oh yeah,” […]

note: music city miracle 2

Things couldn’t be better for fans of the Tennessee Titans or Buffalo Bills these days, with both franchises playing great football and off to a 4-0 start. Coming into the season, most people would have predicted the New England Patriots, Indianapolis Colts or Dallas Cowboys to get off to such a fast start, but these two smaller market teams are the ones standing out a month into the season. The Titans franchise has been around for nearly 50 years, and […]

caption this: movie edition

(courtesy of Park City Skins) We here at Homer McFanboy highly encourage fan participation. Whether you agree or disagree with something you come across on the site, we always enjoy hearing back from fellow sports fans. So when I learned that Park City Skins had taken my photo of “The Predator” Chris Horton and had a little fun with it, well, I felt obligated to share it with the class. So instead of coming up with a witty caption to […]

predator 2

This needs to be said up front – Redskins rookie Chris Horton had a grand total of four interceptions during his entire college career. That’s right, in 41 career games at UCLA, Horton picked off four passes. So naturally, Horton, who we lovingly refer to as “The Predator,” has three interceptions in his first four NFL games. This past weekend, with the Washington Redskins in an intense battle with their hated rival, the Dallas Cowboys, it was Horton making the […]

numbers game

(photo by Brian Murphy) It’s no secret, I’m a stat nerd. I can’t just watch a game, see a statistic at the bottom of the screen and be content. No, I have to take that small nugget of information and run with it, using it as a starting point to try and gauge what to expect the rest of the season or figure out a historical comparison. So when the NFL Network says that Redskins quarterback Jason Campbell led the […]

a star is born

(courtesy photos) Terrell Owens loves to be the center of attention. That’s what we in the business refer to as an indisputable fact. He’s also a temperamental diva who has eventually turned on everyone who was ever dumb enough to trust the guy. So far, all has been well with T.O. in the “Big D.” But that might be starting to change with Owens making comments about not getting the ball enough after losing to the Washington Redskins 26-24 Sunday. […]