caption this 23: overtime hockey edition

(photo by Clyde Caplan)

Ladies and gentlemen, back by popular demand, it’s time for another round of “caption this.”

The game is fairly simple, as you hopefully know by now. I supply the photo and you bring the witty reader-submitted captions. You might not win any cool prizes, but you’ll be formally recognized for being better than your peers and will get some love here on the blog.

Here’s my humble offering for this photo to help get folks started:

Alex Ovechkin: Sure, it’s no big deal when you take a seat during a game. But when I do, it becomes a national story.”

Think you can do better? Leave a comment below with your best caption.

[Editor’s note: The winner is Ned with a caption of, “So this is how Hendy feels after a shootout.” Thanks to everyone who joined in the fun.]

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26 Responses

  1. You know that feeling you get Alex, wind blowing through your hair. that horse power between your legs. Man I just wanna ride!!!!

  2. Ovechkin says “Easy to score when goalie clearly not using his eye in butt.”

  3. *in lil john voice* To the blue line to the net! Till the goalie goes and fall all the caps fans call…AHHH GOAL GOAL GOAL GOAL GOAL GOAL GOAL AHHHH GOAL GOAL GOT DAMN!!!!

  4. Henrik: “Oh.. so this isnt right?”

    Ovie: “No he like, fall uh.. a different way. Ill get Matt, he show you how Tim Thomas fall down after paralyzer”

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