caption this 17: friendly rivalry edition

(photo by Brian Murphy)

Sure, the Washington Redskins lost to the hated Dallas Cowboys and the 2011 season hasn’t exactly gone according to plan, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still have a little fun.

With that in mind, back by popular demand, it’s time for another round of “caption this.”

The game is fairly simple, as you hopefully know by now. I supply the photo and you bring the witty reader-submitted captions. You might not win any cool prizes, but you’ll be formally recognized for being better than your peers and will get some love here on the blog.

Here’s my humble offering for this photo to help get folks started:

“It must be December, because Tony Romo looks like he’s screwed.”

Think you can do better? Leave a comment below with your best caption.

[Editor’s note: The winner is michelle with a caption of, “If things don’t work out in Dallas, Jason Garrett is more than qualified to take over at Penn State.” Thanks to everyone who joined in the fun.]

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29 Responses

  1. If things don’t work out in Dallas, Jason Garrett is more than qualified to take over at Penn State.

  2. After they pursue the fake reverse I stand back like this and push out the football I “hid” at halftime. Then I throw it to Dez for an easy TD. Whadaya think coach?

  3. Offensive Line coach Hudson Houck walks away quietly after kicking Tony Romo in the groin for throwing yet another interception.

  4. Garrett: “I understand that was a disappointing series Mr. Jones. However, I have personally confirmed that his head is not up there, Sir.”

  5. Garrett: Romo, just practice that “BOHICA” formation!! we will scour the playbook for something that might just stop that Redskins D.

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