mike knuble: the t-shirt

Judging by the overwhelming support of the Donovan F. McNabb-inspired “McLovin” t-shirt, the economy is back and better than ever. That’s the only rational explanation as to why so many local sports fans have supported this ridiculous fashion statement. In the spirit of striking while the iron is hot, here’s the next big thing in Homer McFanboy formal wear: the Mike Knuble-inspired “Obi-Wan Knuble” t-shirt.

The way we see it, every successful team has a sage veteran to show the youngsters how it’s done. For the Caps, that guy is 37-year-old Knuble. He might not be flashy. He might not look dangerous. But opponents would be foolish to underestimate this gritty veteran forward. Some might even say – the force is strong with this one.

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  1. That is by far my favorite. I’ll have to order one before Lucas and Speilberg rape Knuble.

  2. Laich does seem to have some of that Jedi mind sh!t (and I hear he has back muscles that make you blink).

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