caption this III

(photo by Brian Murphy)

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for everyone’s favorite game – caption this.

Twice before we’ve played the game (here and here), and both times we’ve had strong turnouts and solid reader-submitted captions. So let’s keep the streak alive. You might not win any cool prizes, but you’ll be formally recognized for being better than your peers and will get some love here on the blog.

Here’s my humble offering to get folks started:

“You know what? I think we’ve really got a chance to catch the Saints with their pants down today. I should remember to post that on my blog later.”

Think you can do better? Leave a comment below with your best caption.

(And for those individuals who are completely lost, here’s a link that might help explain my caption).

[Update: We have a winner, and his name is Jimbo. “Oh well, at least MY ‘blog’ is bigger than Murf’s.” Thanks, as always, to everyone for playing along.]

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16 Responses

  1. “Shit…did I dedicate that picture to ‘Brian’ or ‘Bryan’…I can never remember how he spells his name.”

  2. How do I…vagina!…introduce “Little Johnny White Guy” to the world without Christy getting pissed? …VAGINA!!!

  3. Man, that penis pump hurt this morning…. I need to stop using it before games; I don’t ever have enough time to recover!

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